Writing my paper

and drinking chai tea lattes alllllllll day long.

Oh yeah.

it’s time to pull out the handy-dandy bluebook

Fan art law… can I have this job please?

Visit  http://techgnotic.deviantart.com/journal/Fan-Art-Law-326536193 for a summary of the interview with DeviantArt’s Advisor in Chief, an expert on copyright law.  Highly interesting.


A lawyer who opposes the Justice Department’s proposed antitrust settlement with three publishers of e-books has filed an amicus brief (PDF) in the form of a comic strip. Bob Kohn tells Bloomberg and the New York Times Media Decoder blog that he opted for the unusual format after U.S. District Judge Denise Cote of Manhattan limited his brief to five pages. “I thought of the idea of using pictures which, as we know, paint a thousand words,” Kohn told Media Decoder. He calls the cartoon a “graphic novelette” and says it complies with court rules requiring 12-point or larger type and one-inch margins, Bloomberg says. The illustrator attends school with Kohn’s daughter, Katie, who is pursuing a Ph.D. in film studies at Harvard. The U.S. Justice Department filed suit in April against Apple and five publishers claiming a conspiracy…


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I hope I never do something dumb enough to end up in a law school case book.

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Oh these lawyers

If I were to do this in court (or class) what are the chances that I would be scolded/thrown out?

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"What is that to us? It is better that he be wholly undone than that the law be changed for him."

Thirning, C.J. [In reference to the defendant, who would be “undone and impoverished forever if this action is maintained against him” - Horneby]

Beaulieu v. Finglam (1401)

"The law is the wisdom of the ages wrapped in the opinion of the moment."

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So of course I was the first person of the semester to be cold-called.

If my children ever tell me they want to go to Law School.



I’ll yell:

This is true. The lawyer who supervises me at work regularly tells her son to go to med school instead of law school.

I’ve heard this a thousand times as well.  A well-established lawyer even told me this recently while we were in the judge’s chambers.  I really, really dislike it when someone tells me to go to med school instead of law school.  I feel that it is really disrespectful.