Anonymous said: On your bar application- definitely file it now. I know it's daunting, but I've been waiting for them to approve me for A YEAR, and I'm 26, I've always lived in the state, and I have no criminal history. Good thing I passed the bar all the way back in July, right? They are slow, slow, slow. I've been living in my dad's house, doing shitty jobs, feeling depressed. Don't let that happen to you.

Hello!  Yes, actually I filed it last year and I’ve already been cleared :D  Thank you for the advice though!  Hopefully this will help someone else out!


A physician, an engineer, and an attorney were discussing who among them belonged to the oldest of the three professions represented.

The physician said, “Remember, on the sixth day God took a rib from Adam and fashioned Eve, making him the first surgeon. Therefore, medicine is the oldest…

Anonymous said: I'm freaking out about my decision of wanting to go to law school given the current market for lawyers. What made you look past this and still decide to be a lawyer? (I'm currently a junior in undergrad)

That is a good question.  The best answer is that I had a sort of mid-life crisis where I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life and time was running out for me to pick the next step.  I was not so much aware of the market for lawyers at the time of my decision, I just knew that I wanted to choose a path with the potential to help real people out.  I also figured that I was good at reading and writing and I really liked logic problems  ahahahahaha

To be real, though, if you are GOOD at being lawyer and love it, I think there will be a job for you. I was an intern for a judge this summer and about 90% of the lawyers who came through were either completely incompetent or didn’t care at all about their clients.  The job market is pretty bad for everyone at the moment, but I think that there are many other options open for someone with a law degree, besides being a lawyer.  The skills you learn – reading, writing, and analyzing – are highly valued in many fields.

But this is just merely my humble and non-expert opinion~

Anonymous said: what kind of law are you interested in going into?

I am not positive at the moment, but I am considering patent/intellectual property law due to my biology-centric undergraduate career.  Apparently lawyers with a science background are in demand in the field, which is expanding as technology advances.  Plus I enjoy the subject, which helps.

BUT I really want to use my law degree to help people… and intellectual property doesn’t really seem to be quite a people-centric field.  So I have also thought about family law and securities arbitration (helping small-time investors).

At some point I would really like to be a judge, though… I just don’t know how to get there from here >_>  I should really go and talk to my career advisor soon.  Ugh thinking of the future makes my head spin a bit sometimes @__@


A lawyer who opposes the Justice Department’s proposed antitrust settlement with three publishers of e-books has filed an amicus brief (PDF) in the form of a comic strip. Bob Kohn tells Bloomberg and the New York Times Media Decoder blog that he opted for the unusual format after U.S. District Judge Denise Cote of Manhattan limited his brief to five pages. “I thought of the idea of using pictures which, as we know, paint a thousand words,” Kohn told Media Decoder. He calls the cartoon a “graphic novelette” and says it complies with court rules requiring 12-point or larger type and one-inch margins, Bloomberg says. The illustrator attends school with Kohn’s daughter, Katie, who is pursuing a Ph.D. in film studies at Harvard. The U.S. Justice Department filed suit in April against Apple and five publishers claiming a conspiracy…




I hope I never do something dumb enough to end up in a law school case book.

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Oh these lawyers

If I were to do this in court (or class) what are the chances that I would be scolded/thrown out?

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Hey Law Students! Follow illegalities!

Besides the fact that this quote is perfect for future lawyers… I love this movie <3


Hey Law Students! Follow illegalities!

Besides the fact that this quote is perfect for future lawyers… I love this movie <3

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